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YouTube Help



Whilst it's possible to watch YouTube videos in your internet browser (such as Explorer, Firefox, Safari etc) without having an account, you'll have a better experience if you do create one. It doesn't take long to do and is quite a straight forward process.



All the videos you see when you got to Home page or do a search, will be public videos. They're free to watch and easily accessible.


Private or Unlisted videos can't be seen by anyone other than those who are given the specific URL (Universal Resource Locator), which essentially means the web address and the random bunch of letters and numbers that's attributed to every single video that is posted. This means, for people like me, I can share specific videos with a target audience - ie only those that are paying customers.


These private or unlisted videos won't show up in searches in YouTube or in the Channels, which means you won't easily be able to see them if you use your TV to watch the YouTube. If it's anything like my TV, you can do a search but you can't type in a URL address to get a specific video. So that means you can't see any of my new videos that you've paid for simply by going to my Strictly Dancing With Lisa Channel.


However, the good news is, there's a way around this when you create an account (outlined above). Read on to find out how to do it!

If you SUBSCRIBE to a favourite channel, as I've already mentioned, it means you can go back to that channel more quickly. You hopefully will have noticed that there are options down the left hand side of your screen (if you don't see them, try clicking on the icon that has 3 parallel lines, which indicates a list. There's a sub-menu under here that is Subscriptions, so you can go down to this straight away and see all your favourite channels and go to anyone of them instantly without having to do a search. On your TV you should have a similar list of options on the left side, which includes Subscriptions.


To subscribe to a channel, you need to click on the usually red Subscribe button. This should change to Subscribed whenever you go to any other videos on that channel. So you'll easily know if you've already subscribed.


LIKING VIDEOS is even better, especially if you want to watch them on your TV because it allows you to Like all your favourite videos, including the private/unlisted ones that won't show up in the channel and they can be viewed in a playlist on either the computer or the TV. On the computer, go to the left hand panel of options and select Liked Videos and they will all show up in one place ready for you to view. On the TV, you'll need to select the Library option first and then choose Liked Videos, which on my TV comes under another heading, Playlists.


To Like a video all you have to do is click on the Thumbs Up icon below the video. It's also possible to like a video on the TV. On my remote control I have a 'Tools' button and when I press this on the left side, below the video is an icon with 3 dots. This always means there's more options. Use the arrow key to move across to the dots and press enter and you should see further options like selecting the Thumbs Up!

You may be wondering what are the benefits of having an account. Most of them allow you to more easily watch your favourite videos and access your subscribed channels. This is particularly useful when using multiple devices (as you'll see further below). The main ones that spring to mind are:-


• You can SUBSCRIBE to channels, which make it easier to view your favourite ones quickly and easily without having to do a search every time


• You can LIKE videos which automatically then get added to your 'Like Videos' playlist, again it means you can view them more quickly


• You can add COMMENTS that the creator of the video and anyone else can see


• You can SAVE videos to watch later


• If you use multiple devices, such as YouTube on your computer, iPad and TV, they will show the same info, for example, if you like my videos on your computer or iPad, the same videos will show up on your TV (which I'll explain below).

SAVE is another option, if you want to save a video to watch later. This will appear in the Watch Later options on the left side in much the same way as the Like Video, only it will only stay in the Watch Later until you've done exactly that. After you've seen it, it will remain in your History of watched videos, but the more videos you watch, the lower down that list it will go and be harder to retrieve.


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