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Aside from running regular weekly classes I organise weekend workshops and various other events, such as theatre trips.





Workshops are run throughout the year on weekends and are open to anyone, even if you don't attend regular classes. Essentially, these are extended classes of 1 1/2 hours duration or more and allow you to really get to grips with the routine. Unlike classes they are not drop-in, instead you have to sign-up and pay in advance.





The events I organise are for those who attend either my workshops or a regular weekly class and often include inviting family and/or friends. The kinds of events I organise vary from year to year, but include theatre trips usually a few times a year and a Christmas party. I also do some fund raising events periodically.


Workshops & Events

"Fantastic and fun way to lift mood, meet new friends and keep fit through dance in a very relaxed and friendly environment - I love it!”


Trish, Shoreham