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• You can attend more than one class if you'd like to

• Each class (day/time) must be treated separately, eg. if you attend both Steyning Dance and FitSteps

  classes you pre-pay for a block of classes at each

• You can't pay for one full block and interchange between two different classes

• You can pre-pay for a different number of classes at each class, they don't have to be the same, eg you

  can pay for a Full Block at one class and a Part 3 Block at another class

• When paying you can combine the costs of the two classes so you only have to make one bank transfer

  or write one cheque

• Always indicate via email, or write on the back of the cheque, the breakdown of what you're paying for

• When you attend two different classes you receive a discount on your second/cheaper class

• There are no discounts if you Pas As You Go



Each payment option has a Full Price and Discounted Price. For example a Full Block of classes for a 6 week block would be £30.00 (Full Price) and £25.50 (Discounted). So, if you attend two classes and wish to pay for the Full Block at both classes, then one of the classes will be full priced and the second discounted and the total cost would therefore be, in this example, £55.50. (If you end up attending all 12 classes it works out at approx. £4.62/class)


This is the breakdown of the costs for all payment options:

Payment Option                                Full Price      Discounted Price


Full Block (7 weeks)                            £35.00               £29.80

Full Block (6 weeks)                            £30.00               £25.50

Full Block (5 weeks)                            £25.00               £21.30


Part 4 Block (over 6 or 7 weeks)         £24.00               £22.00

Part 3 Block (over 5, 6 or 7 weeks)     £18.00               £16.50

Part 2 Block (over 5 weeks)                £12.00               £11.00

Generally it's quite straight forward if you're paying for the same type of block at both/all classes ie two Full Blocks over 6 weeks, as with the example above.


It gets a little trickier when you either pay for two different kinds of blocks ie one Full Block and one Part Block and/or when the number of weeks is different between the two classes which you attend. This is often the case for the Monday classes, due to the interuptions from Bank Holidays.





If one of your classes is a 6 week block (Arundel Dance Class) and the other a 7 week block (Angmering FitSteps) and you want to do a Full Block for the first and a Part 4 Block for the second these would be the costs:


Full Block (6 weeks)                   £30.00 (Full Price)

Part 4 Block (over 7 weeks)       £22.00 (Discounted Price)

TOTAL                                        £52.00

Attending Multiple Classes

"I've been coming to Lisa's dance classes since 2009 so I think I can best be described as one of her old girls in more ways than one! Over the years I've learned so many different dance styles from Waltz to Bollywood. I never get bored and always look forward to my dancing days.


I've made so many really lovely friends and we have tremendous fun whilst having a good workout. Naturally, we all have our favourite dance styles - mine are Jazz and American Smooth, but they're all great to learn.


Lisa 'knows her stuff' and is an inspirational teacher and a good friend to us all and so if, like me, you love to dance or want to learn and also want to get fit and keep fit, then Strictly Dancing With Lisa must be for you. It beats the gym any day. I absolutely love it."


Jill, Arundel, Angmering and Storrington

"I was looking for some dance based exercise in order to get fitter and came across Lisa's Fitsteps class. That was over two years ago and I cannot recommend Lisa's classes highly enough. At Fitsteps you get to try lots of different dance styles (going at your own pace), to a variety of music, all in a friendly class. Now I also attend Lisa's dance class, where you learn a new dance routine each session. It's pure fun, and a great tonic away from the working week.  Practising a few of the steps in more depth at the dance class compliments the Fitsteps workout, and helps you improve your technique and fitness levels. Lisa has a great, natural teaching style, coming up with new routines that appeal to all. I've struggled to find exercise that I enjoy doing in the past, but I look forward to these classes every week and enjoy them so much that I don't really realise I'm having a workout!"


Debra, Shoreham & Steyning



If one of your classes is a 6 week block (Shoreham Dance Class) and the other a 7 week block (Shoreham FitSteps) and you want to do a Part 3 Block for the first and a Full Block for the second these would be the costs:


Part 3 Block (6 weeks)               £16.50 (Discounted Price)

Full Block (over 7 weeks)          £35.00 (Full Price)

TOTAL                                       £51.50