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Modern Jive

Discovering a love of Modern Jive partner dancing was instrumental in leading me into my future career as a dance teacher. My previous dance experience meant I picked it up quickly and in 2005 I entered the 4 main UK competitions with my dance partner Simon Rich...out of curiosity as much as anything. We improved as the year progressed and won the final competition of the year - Britrock. We had to enter the Open category for teachers because Simon was one. I decided to end my competing days on a high and the following year I turned my attention to teaching and discovered how much I loved it! After three years of teaching modern jive I decided to start up my own dance classes teaching different styles and that was when Strictly Dancing With Lisa was created.


The quality of the video is not great, as I've had to record it off the TV whilst the DVD was playing. But, for those of you not familiar with modern jive, it gives you a chance to see what it's like and the standard as it was back in 2005.


Simon and I are dressed in black and white. In the earlier rounds of the competition I wore a turquoise coloured dress, but I always felt much more comfortable when dancing in trousers. It's weird how what you wear can actually affect how you move!


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Final Track 1

Final Track 2