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...and you could get some money off your next class/block payment!


(applicable to existing attendees only not using special introductory offer)



Introduce a friend to any of the weekly classes and you will receive either £2 or £5 off your next class or block payment. The amount depends on which of the two Introductory Offers your friend takes advantage of: either 2 classes for £10 (former discount) or 5 classes for £20 (latter discount).


The condition of this discount is that your friend continues to attend classes after their Introductory Offer has ended.


Whilst you can introduce as many friends as you want, you will only receive one discount per block of classes.

Introduce a Friend

"Strictly Dancing With Lisa is lively and fun. One has the pleasure of the dance, fitness and music, altogether led by a vibrant, enthusiastic teacher."


Marilyn, Shoreham