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Autumn 1: Monday 14th September to Thursday 15th October (5 weeks)


Exception: No Steyning FitSteps class on Thursday 15th October (venue not available) so the block will last 4 weeks and end on Thursday 8th October.


Autumn 2: will commence from Monday 19th October


There'll be no Steyning FitSteps class on Thursday 19th November (venue not available).


The end date for Autumn 2 is unknown at this time and I will need to take a break at some point if classes aren't restricted by the government. As soon as I know more I shall update this page.

Autumn 2


Due to the uncertainty moving forward and whether further government restrictions will be imposed that prevent me from teaching class later in the autumn, I'm shifting to a different sign-up system. In so much as, I'll just allocate spaces every 2 weeks. That means you can in theory sign-up to join classes at any point and I can include you in the allocation usually within 2 weeks of you signing-up. You will need to pay for 3 classes up front on a rolling payment scheme (see separate section).


If you have any questions please ask.


PLEASE NOTE: Social distancing measures will be in place in the autumn, which means reduced numbers can attend class. I want to give everyone equal opportunity to attend and this means knowing in advance which dates you can't do and how often you'd like to attend. Therefore, sign-up is required.