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Steyning 1

"I came to the class on my own, not knowing quite what to expect. Right from the start I was made to feel welcome by Lisa and reassured that it did not matter if anyone made mistakes in the routines as long as they enjoyed themselves!"


Judy, Worthing

"Lisa is such a good teacher that every week all of us manage to learn a new dance routine in an hour, have some light exercise and a lot of laughs. If you love dancing but are not keen on having to partner up this is the class for you."


Gill, Steyning



• The year is divided into blocks of classes

• The length of any given block of classes will vary

• Generally, a block of classes will last either 5, 6 or 7 weeks

• Pre-pay for Full or Part block

• You don't have to attend consecutive weeks in the Part Block

• Pay As You Go if you can only attend occasionally or can't commit in advance, however, this is by

  request only

• Discounts are offered if you pre-pay for a second class/venue

• No discounts on Pay As Yo Go

• No refunds if you miss a class you have paid for

• Pre-pay for each block prior to it commencing

• Each venue/class has it's own page (under Class Listings)

• The costs for each specific class can also be found on the relevant class page



• Payment is required prior to the next block of classes commencing


• Pay by cash, bank transfer (contact me for details) or cheque (if paying £25 or more)


• Cheques should be made payable to Lisa Saw and can be sent to: Strictly Dancing With Lisa, 16 Anscombe Road,

  Worthing, West Sussex BN11 5EN



If you attend multilple classes then the costs have been outlined on a separate page. Click on this link to find out more information.



If you make a mistake when writing your cheque, the bank stipulates you

must have a


by the error and


Costs for 6 weeks Costs for 5 weeks Multiple Classes Costs for 7 weeks

SPRING 2 will be a block of 6 weeks for all classes except for Monday Classes, which will only be a block of 5 weeks due to Easter Monday.




I have a SPECIAL OFFER for new people so click on the link below for more details.


The costs outlined to the left only come into play after you complete the Introductory Offer, if you wish to continue attending classes.

Special Offer for New People

These will be the costs for Spring 2 for all Tuesday to Thursday classes

These will be the costs for Spring 2 for all Monday classes

These costs are not currently applicable