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"If you want a laugh, you enjoy dancing to good pop music from the 60's up to the latest music, and wish to have a workout, then get down to Lisa's Dance Fit classes. Lisa leads you through each mini dance routine step by step and we dance about 6 or 7 different routines a session! I love it!"


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After the Introductory Offer...


The terms are split into blocks of classes and you need to pay in advance for the classes you wish to attend in each block.


You have two main options, either to pay for the full block or to pay for part of the block. At some classes it is possible to pay as you go, if for instance you can only make it occasionally or you are away on holiday for a large portion of the block. However, you do need to request this option.


You can also pay for the FULL TERM. It doesn't work out cheaper but it means you can make just one payment, not two, and get it out of the way.


If you wish to attend multiple classes/venues you have to treat each class separately. In other words, you can't pay for a Full Block and interchange between Shoreham Dance Class and FitSteps for example. Instead you would need to pay for two Full Blocks, one for each class, or if you find it difficult to commit to all the classes at both days/times then you could pay for a Part Block at each class. You can write one cheque for both classes but specify the breakdown on the reverse.


Only in special circumstances are exceptions made, for instance if you work shifts. However, it is very much dependent on the class(es) you wish to attend and strictly upon request.

Special Offer

New people joining class can take advantage of the Introductory Special Offer.

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