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COSTS - Autumn

During Autumn 2 everyone attending a class in person will need to PAY IN ADVANCE for 3 classes (£18). Once you've attended your 3 pre-paid classes (on allocated dates that I give you), you can pay for another set of 3. In this way, it will be like a rolling credit scheme. However, if you fail to show up, you will not receive a refund. If I have to cancel class for any reason, you'll keep the credit for that cancelled class.

All Classes £6/week


If you're interested in trying the Online Package, which involves using a set of YouTube videos, the costs will be different to the above. Please see the relevant section under the Classes menu.


There are two weeks to pay for in Autumn 2, at this point in time: 20th and 27th October. I will need to confirm what is happening in November nearer the time.