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"All ages and abilities can join in and you don't need a partner. We are a really friendly bunch of people and we have a laugh! It's good exercise too! It's definitely the highlight of my week."


Fiona, Shoreham

There are three different types of class on offer so, there really will be something to suit everyone.


Click on the 'Summary' sub-menu if you'd like an overview of the different classes on offer.


Each type of class also has its own sub-menu providing you with further information not only about the nature of the class but also including a timetable of classes.


All the timetables for the three different types of class are then brought together on one page under the 'Timetable' sub-menu.


“I did not think the dance class I wanted would exist – no more than an hour in length, different dances and a set of new steps to learn every week with great music and a relaxed, enthusiastic teacher – but Lisa provides just that and more and I love it."


Pam, Arundel